Dear Bobbie


Dear Bobbie,
Do you remember when you were young and very pretty? I do.
I remember pleated skirts, black and white saddle shoes.
Do you remember dancing half the night? I do, I still think
Of you when we dance, although we cant jitterbug as we did

Do you remember when
How long has it been
You opened my blue eyes
To see a whole new life
Do you remember when
I told you this that night
That if you're by my side
When every day begins
I'll fall for you again
I made a promise when
I told you this that night

I'll be fine
When I die then I die loving you
It's alright
I'll be fine
When I die then I die loving you,
Loving you, loving you

Do you remember the times we would give up on each other
And get back together? We finally was married in 1949.
We drove the yellow convertible on our honeymoon.
Do you remember? I do.

Life has led us here
Together all these years.
This house that we have made
Holds 20,000 days.
And memories we've saved,
Since life has lead us here.

I'm coming home to you
Slipping off my shoes
Resting in my chair
See you standing there
The silver in your hair
I'm coming home to you
When I lay tonight
When I close my eyes
I know the sun will rise
Here or the next life
As long as your still mine
Then its alright.

You have gray hair now but you're a beautiful woman
And the years have been good to both of us. We walk slow
Now, but we still have each other. The glue of love is still
bonding us together. Love is what I remember.
Do you remember?

Informations complémentaires

Cette chanson - probablement la plus touchante de Paper Walls - est un hommage aux grands-parents de Ryan Key. Elle est influencé par les lettres d'amour que le couple s'est échangé durant 58 ans de vie commune.

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